Matching Glasses with Colorful Dishes from Spain

Spanish pottery and dishes are a colorful way to set a decorative table. The Spanish culture is known for color in its tiles, pottery and plates. There are many different dish patterns and colors available online or by visiting the country to browse through the many shops that offer this unique cultural item. Many people purchase plates made in Spain for the unique colors to grace their table during festive occasions. The glassware to accompany these beautiful place settings should never be an afterthought.

It is not difficult today to acquire a set of glasses to match a set of Spanish tableware. While the colors of Spain are bright, there are also pastels available. Glassware today is made in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It may take a bit of searching, but the right match is out there. The time and effort of the search will be repaid every time the colorful table is set.

Brightly colored plates deserve a set of glasses that can match their vivacity. A clear glass does not quite step up to the plate when the bold colors of blue, orange and yellow form a rich pattern to entice the diner. The glass should match at least one of the colors, blue for preference, and add to the flavorful tradition of dining in style. If a plate has vibrant reds in it, the glasses should reflect that choice by being a deep, rich red color.

The Spanish culture has a rich heritage full of color and food. When setting a table in this unique and historic style, each element deserves a chance to shine and add to the ambiance of the occasion. Beautiful glasses that match the pure colors within the plates, cups and bowls are a necessity for a complete table setting.